Check out my new NFT project. ICBucks by clicking this link


IC Bucks is an nft art project that emulates the look of traditional money using a wide variety of designs inspired by internet memes and story, cryptocurrency and arts. It was created by Egido Val and marketed by DKlord89.

It was launched on April 13 2022.

Soldout in less than a minute (7777 pieces). More than 123k.  Mint details

It contains hundreds of handcrafted elements that combined results in unique collectibles.

Some of the numbers :

  • Total number of nfts : 8888
  • Sold out in less than one minute (7777 pieces) on Entrepot marketplace (leading nft platform inside the Internet Computer ecosystem)
  • After market volume (until 22/7/22) 15300 ICP
  • Billions of combinations.
  • Vibrant community with thousands of people 

Each holder of icbucks will receive two aditional airdrop collections from EgidoVal.

You can order prints of your nft here

For more information please visit this link.