Raúl Egido Val. Born in 1986 in Zaragoza, Spain.

From a young age he showed an interest in art and computers, something that has been a constant of his work until today.

It was in 2009 where he decided to drop art school and start his artistic endeavours as an outsider, working in his old studio  and doing many exhibitions in different public and private Spaces including the Institute of Modern Art in Valencia (IVAM), The Goya museum from Ibercaja, Francisco Pradilla gallery,The faculty of science of communications San Jorge, The center Joaquin Roncal from the CAI-ASC foundation, Ámbito Cultural el Corte Inglés and other art galleries including Itxaso Gallery, Manolo Ales, Finestra Studio, Pantera Rosa, El túnel and the art gallery from the council of Zaragoza.


His art is eclectic, original and energetic.

He mixes different techniques and processes to create original artworks that are powerful, original and unique.

Different ideas that range from the hand gestures of abstract expressionism combined with the energy of street art and a punk diy philosophy.

There are no limits for his art. Art is a challenge in which the artist discovers himself through the creative process, whatever medium he is using.


The merge of the artist hand with the use of computers and different algorithms has come to coined the term 







His works have been appreciated by many people worldwide including public figures from different backgrounds  like William Gibson, Joe Rogan, Asap Rocky, Chris Brown, Moob Deep, Rob Zombie, Michael Chandler, Marc Jacobs, Lily-Rose Depp and others.


Apart from his painting endeavours he has earned numerous awards and accesits from different disciplines including graphic design, poster design, painting and contemporary art.