Raúl Egido Val Born 30 december 1986 in Zaragoza, Spain.

Since early age he discovered arts and began drawing strange and complex machines which impressed his teachers, a “surreal and fantastic sci fi” approach to visual imaginery which he still uses.

At age 6 he visited the Dalí museum in Figueres where he was exposed for the first time to the work of the master surrealist himself. This visit played an important role in the development of his artistic side and own psichology.

Computers and graphic design were next, a connection which helped him to develop an early interest in machines, techonolgy and electronics.

Cinema, comics and Science fiction also made a big impact on him. reminiscences of some of his dancing years can be seen in the movement of his works.


It wasn´t until 2009 where at the age of 22, he decided to quit the art school in order to focus on his own personal and original artistic approach and began his artistic career as an “outsider”.


Since then Egido has been developing his own visual style trough different techniques, mainly drawing and painting, creating the base in which he stands now and preparing him to all new challenges to come.


His own way of understanding the visual language helped him win some important prizes, although he´s been remaining underground in order to create a strong and original character.


After a long journey of intense work and Self-awareness where´s been putting all the pieces together, he is prepared to conquer the world with his own and distinctive style.

Althought his art has many different influences Egido likes to use term “CYBEREXPRESSIONISM”

Which he describes as the only possible art answer to the world we live in.